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A moving budget will help you to plan your moving expenses and will ensure that you will make a relocation that you can afford. Find out if your employer provides any moving expenses reimbursement, and plan your move accordingly.

The type of move that you make also depends on what you can afford. If you want to make a low cost relocation, you can do all the packing yourself, and drive a rented truck to the destination. However, it involves quite a lot of hard work, and you will have to pay for fuel, hotels, food, and tolls on the way.

If you can afford to spend more, you can opt for a self service move. This involves packing your things in a crate or trailer that a mover will drop at your home. After you have finished packing the mover will collect the crate or trailer, and deliver it to your new home where you can unpack.

You can also opt for a full service move and let the moving company do all the hard work, though this is the most expensive alternative.

Be honest with the movers, and show them everything that needs to be moved. This will help them to provide accurate moving estimates and there will not be any holdup or confusion on moving day.

Keep all the documents relating to relocation expenses in a separate folder, because you they may help you to claim a moving expense tax deduction. Collect all bills, receipts, mileage logs, cancelled checks, credit card statements, and statements of reimbursement from your employer.

You need to keep an accurate record of your moving expenses in order to claim an IRS moving expenses tax deduction.

Obtain a moving expense estimate from at least three moving companies and search for a service provider with a good reputation, instead of looking for a moving company that offers the lowest price. This will ensure that your possessions will be safe, and that there will not be any unexpected charges.

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After getting the free estimate of of our professional can advice you on deducting your move expenses and reducing the relocation costs.