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Auto Transport: Insurance Matters

Auto Transport: Insurance Matters

Most of us have an insurance of the car that we drive but have we ever given it a thought whether our cars need insurance or not when they are being transported. It is really very important to have auto transport insurance when a car is being transported from one place to another. Auto transport is the safest method to get pour cars transported from, one place to another. We need auto transport in case we have to move to a new location for professional or personal reasons. Transporting cars over a long distance requires a safe mode of transport and there is nothing better than the car transport companies. Though the auto transport is a very safe mode but one needs to have an insurance to cover any forms of financial losses during the transport of the vehicle.

It is very important to go through the shipper’s policy in order to get into the minute details of the insurance. During the time of transit any form of damages to the vehicle would be covered through
the shipper’s insurance. When you are choosing your auto shipper do not forget to get a copy of the insurance certificate of each shipper. Never choose the companies that fail to produce these

There is a huge difference between an auto transporter and a broker; you need to understand this properly. The brokers are the middlemen who help the customers meet the auto transporters and vice-versa. So do not fall for the words of the brokers as they are the people who would tell anything to square the deal. It is you who has to settle
the hassles of insurance if anything goes wrong. So choose your auto shipping company on the basis of the insurance certificates they produce.

Go through the policy very carefully and see the coverage that your company is providing. All auto transport companies are bound to provide insurance but the coverage can vary from one company to another. Look into the parts of the car that are covered; it is not only enough to cover the body but also the other valuable parts of
the car. Also find out about the charges that you need to pay for the same. Do not fall into the trap of verbal promises and get every protection they promise in written. Most of the shipping companies have the policy of providing protection out of the ones that are mentioned in the insurance policy.

It is very important that you remove all your personal belongings from the car because no transporter covers the loss of these items. Any types of damages caused to the interior of the car due to the presence of personal belongings inside the car are not covered by the insurance. So it is important that you remove all your personal
belongings before shipping your car.

Clean the car before transport and then click a few photographs as these may be required at the time you lay your claims. You will have the photographic evidence to prove the damages that were incurred during the transit. Take a note of all the damages and keep all the documents in one file so that it becomes easy to refer to them
whenever possible.