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FAQ – Relocation

FAQ – Relocation

Here are some common questions which the people who seeks moving, come up with. These questions are important to know, because they will help you to clear with all the doubts and queries, which you have regarding move. Since the relocation process is a daunting task, getting answers of these questions will certainly
make the task smoother and easier.

Q: What is the cost of moving?

A: The cost of the move is determined by amount of household items you want to move. The weight of the shipment determines the cost of the moving. The cost will be calculated by the moving companies when they will visit your house and will take a visual survey of the products. The move consultant will walk through the home and will
analyze each and every product in the home which you want to relocate. Then he prepares estimation and presents you with a quote. The items will be divided according to its fragility, its storage abilities and on its importance. The consultants may also provide you with a relocation guide of the cost of the different items which
are to be shipped and you can have a better idea of the cost of the moving of the items. However, you can also negotiate with the moving companies about the relocation cost and thus your final deal depends on your negotiation and communication skill.

Q: Who analyzes the access and the parking during relocation?

A: It is your responsibility that how you will ensure about a suitable access for the vehicle and its parking when you relocate, both in case of delivery address and collection. If there is any problem in the accessibility during moving, you can arrange for an alternative access check. If there is a problem in the permission for the parking, you can arrange for the permits.

Q: What are the storage facilities during relocation?

A: There are many storage facilities for relocation at the origin and at the destination point. When you require the storage facilities, the companies will offer you with certain rate of discounts. You can also avail storage for shipping overseas moving. You can also avail competitive rates which will suit individual

Q: What about the insurance valuations of the moving companies?

A: The insurance valuations should be done within 4 weeks before you prepare a detailed valuation of the different effects of the insurance purposes. You can also store or dispose any of the effects when you don’t want to relocate overseas.

Q: What about the relocation of utility providers?

A: Before leaving the present residence, ask for the final bills of electricity, gas and telephone, so that you can pay them off. And if required you can arrange for the disconnection. Among them, don’t discontinue telephone before the last day, because that is important before you conduct moving. It will help you to keep in touch with the movers. It will help you to maintain contact with the relocation place and you can arrange things properly over there, so that once you reach, there wouldn’t be any such problem.

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