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Moving Home – Top Tips

Moving house is daunting as well as exciting. Making a well planned schedule will help you in smooth transition. Make your move a pleasurable experience with the tips and tricks mentioned below:

Six weeks before you make a move

  • Take a look at the area where you are planning to move. Check out the neighboring schools, shopping and restaurants facilities in addition to recreational facilities and green space.
  • Hire a surveyor who would supervise your new property
  • Prepare a layout for your new home and determine which of your belonging should be kept where. Consider the things that you need to purchase for your new property.
  • Before moving to your new house, be sure to throw off all the unwanted and unused items. Five weeks prior to making a move
  • Be sure to sort out your transport before making a move. Be sure to service your car way ahead if you want to use it before moving.
  • Pack the non-essentials items first and label their destination and contents clearly.
  • Four weeks prior to making a move
  • Be sure to book for the removals at the earliest. Contact the removal companies well in advance.
  • Have you insured your move? Be sure to do it as soon as possible. Three weeks prior to making a move
  • If you are planning to make a move, without hiring a moving service, get hold of the materials that you need for self moving. These include bubble wrap, strong cardboard boxes, as well as packing materials.
  • Transfer your internet or moving to your new destination as there are a few providers who charge for shutting down or transferring accounts. Two weeks prior to making a move
  • Electricity and gas are always expensive, but you can surely save money by transferring your account. The size of your new house and the post code affects how much you need to pay for the gas or electricity.
  • Inform the needed financial authorities such as insurance companies, store cards, building societies, banks, about your new residential address. • Register the change in address so that you get your voter id card immediately after moving to your new destination.
  • Be sure that the new property is secured.
  • Empty the freezer and pack up the permanent equipments from the kitchen cabinets. One week prior to making a move.
  • Inform the local council about your move. All inform the mobile phone providers and TV licensing about the change in address.
  • Contact the local post and ask them to forward a mail to your new address.
  • Close all the old utilities accounts, and settle all the outstanding accounts in the local area.
  • Be sure to take for your new home essentials like toilet rolls etc. On the moving day
  • Check the meter readings for electricity, water and gas.
  • Remove the essentials like food and bedding from the old house.
  • Double check your old house before leaving.

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