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Piano Movers

Relocation to a new place is not an easy task. There are many factors that are to be taken into consideration. Moving of heavy items can be difficult for people to do themselves. Piano moving is something that one should not do oneself and one should hire the services of a professional mover Spinet or console pianos generally weigh around three hundred to five hundred pounds. The full size upright piano weighs around seven hundred pounds to thousand pounds. Grand pianos and concert pianos weigh from five hundred to thirteen hundred pounds. There is also the problem of balance and inertia when moving a piano. It is wise to hire a professional mover to do the job for you as they take the responsibility of moving the piano safely and efficiently.

The movers generally move small pianos on a special skid which is commonly called a piano board. The movers cover the piano with blankets and strap it to the board. If the piano has to be moved on the floor it is placed on a small platform of wheels and rolled to the destination. If it needs to go down a staircase the platform of wheels is removed and the piano is slid slowly down the staircase.

For Grand Pianos the movers move the piano on its side keeping the straight side down. The movers remove the lid and the pedal lyre. The leg of the straight side is removed and the piano is then placed on the piano board. Piano movers move pianos from one floor to another by hoisting it through an upper story window with a crane. Most piano movers will agree to move the piano only for one flight of stairs as moving a piano by staircase is a dangerous job. Hoisting it is more simple and easier for the movers. If the building has a freight elevator that the movers use prefer to use it over the other methods.

When moving pianos the customer must make sure that the piano fits well into the new place. Judging a corner is hard as corners cannot be measured easily. Only professional movers can judge corners and they prefer to visit the designation sites before the moving day if the move is a local one. This usually is not possible for long distance moves. For long distance moves trailers are generally used. The piano should be insured and checked when it finally arrives at the new destination. Piano Movers also move pianos for international destinations. They are one of the regular services that are provided. The overseas shipping of the piano is done by freight forwarders who have the license to move goods themselves. They collect the goods from movers and transport them safely and effectively. All piano movers are not freight forwarders themselves but they have relationships with them for transporting goods. Piano movers pick up the goods and deliver it to them on the behalf of the customer.

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