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Truck Rental FAQ

Truck rental service forms a very important part of a self service moving or any other moving service. The size and the type of the truck that you are going to choose depends on the amount of goods you wish to transport, the type of goods and the size of the goods. Actually, it is important that your goods are transported in a safe way without getting damaged. So choose the truck very carefully and do not forget to ask the following questions:

What will be the size of my truck?

Most of the moving companies help the customers in choosing the right truck for their move. The total amount of goods that you are moving as well as the type of goods you are moving. Moving companies also provide customers with a chart that helps them get details like clearance heights, fuel tank size and gross vehicle weight.

What are the specifications of the vehicle?

The lined drawings and internal measurements are required to get an idea of the storage space you can avail. It is also required to calculate the charges that you have to pay for the moving that depends on the per square meter area.

What type of driver’s license do I require?

Well, one needs to have a proper driving license to drive medium van, large van or small van. Actually, the type of truck that you choose also depends on the license you hold. This is applicable in case of a self moving service and if you avail the truck rental where you can use your own personal driver to drive your goods then you must ensure that he has the necessary driving license to drive the heavy vehicles.

Is it possible to transfer the insurance from the private car that I own?

Yes, it is possible to do so. You can easily transfer your “Comprehensive Cover”. You need to provide the moving company with the written confirmation about the cover; this would ensure that the moving company can go ahead with the hire.

Do you include packing accessories with your service?

Ask this question to the moving company because your ultimate aim is to enjoy a hassle free move without any headaches. For this reason all moving companies include their packing services with the moving. If you do not want to avail it then you can exclude the same from the service list.

Where is your office?

Get the office address right because this is the place that you are going to contact in case of any problem. You must also know at what you can pick up the truck from their office. This is to let you do everything on schedule and not failing in your hassle free moving endeavor.

What is the procedure for the cancellation of the reservation?

Moving companies generally allow cancellation 24 hrs before the determined time of move. This is something that does not come for free and you have to pay a certain charge to cancel the reservation. They take the cancellation fees because your slot and truck were already allotted which they may not be able to give to anybody else.